MGM Garden Arena

MGM Garden Arena

The MGM GARDEN ARENA is located in the MGM Grand Las Vegas in Paradise, Nevada. It became famous after the numerous numbers of professional boxing fights that took place here in the wake of 1990s, including those fought by Mike Tyson. Since then there is no looking back for the much name and liking it has earned among the masses from different nationalities. Some of the unforgettable countable events that took place here are as follows:

mgm garden arena

  • Since 1997, the annual Billboard Music Awards show
  • The Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMA)
  • The Andre Agassi Grand Slam for Children Benefit
  • The VH1 Divas Las Vegas shows and other sporting and special events,

such as

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) PPV events.
  • The WAC women’s volleyball tournament, 1990s
  • The UWF television event Backjack Brawl, 1994
  • WCW Halloween Havoc PPV event, 1996-2000
  • Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson, September 7 1996
  • The first American Country Awards, December 6, 2010

The Unforgettable Root Links

Barbra Streisand gave an elevated heroic opening to the MGM GARDEN ARENA by performing two consecutive shows, one on December 31, 1993 and the other on January 1, 1994. At that time, the shows were her first, since then she has performed a total of 6 times over 4 tours.

Elton John & Billy Joel performed two consecutive shows during their “Face to Face Tour” on March 24–25, 1995. During the show on the latter day, Ray Cooper performed a 40-minute drum solo, which made it the memorable part of the concert.

Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefer Band have performed, at least once a year, since 1996, except 1999 and 2001.

The Bee Gees started off their One Night Only Tour on November 14, 1997

Cher performed two consecutive shows during her ‘Do You Believe Tour’ on August 27–28, 1999, with Cyndi Lauper and Wild Orchid as her opening acts.

Pearl Jam performed during their Binaural Tour on October 22, 2000, with Supergrass as their opening act.

Britney Spears performed two consecutive shows during her ‘Dream within a Dream Tour’ on November 17–18, 2001, with O-Town and LFO as her opening acts.

Sarah Brightman performed during her Harem World Tour on March 13, 2004,

The Dave Matthews Band performed two consecutive shows on March 23–24, 2007.

Recent from MGM….

As of December 2011, the MGM GARDEN ARENA has held twenty UFC events as well as numerous professional boxing super fights, including that of Mike Tyson, Julio César Chávez, Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd May weather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

On March 13, 2012, it was announced that the Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Tournament would take place at the arena from at least 2013-2015.


From the number of event listed above and with many others it can be seen how terrific MGM GARDEN ARENA is doing in the world of live viewing, keeping it charisma to the fullest. The experience here goes nowhere and the majestic ambience created by its extremely gorgeous put on creations dies only with you.

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